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Manufacturers of automotive Electronic Control Units

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We have been in business since 1980 and during this time we have worked with many major motor manufacturers and motor sport operators.  Derek Jones founded the company coming from an engine building and motor sport background, he saw the future of electronic control in engines and gained the electronic knowledge to develop the first Racetech ECU.


Over the years we have developed a wide range of electronic control units tailored to suit many different applications:

Active Suspension Controllers

A.S Research Ltd.

BTR Automotive AVS UK

Trelleborg Automotive Ltd


Engine Management ECUs

BMW Motor sport SA

HKS Engineering (Japan)

HONDA UK Ltd (Motorcycles)

NISSAN Motor sport SA

OPEL Motor sport SA

Toyota GB Ltd.

Toyota South Africa PTY

Toyota Team Europe GMBH

VW/Audi motorsport GMBH

VW/Audi motorsport SA


Petrol piggy-back ECUs, Diesel control ECUs

STT Emtec AB (Sweden)


Diesel Injection control ECUs

Inov8 Technologies


Variable Valve Timing Controllers

Mechadyne International



Raceparts (UK) Ltd 


Engine Test Cell Diagnostics

Cosworth Technology Ltd.