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RTD Ignition ECUs score 4 out of top 8 in F1/F2 Classic TT 2015

EMX-07 ECUs were used on the Team Classic Suzuki bikes ridden by Michael Dunlop (1st), 

Lee Johnston (7th) and Team Winfield bikes ridden by Ryan Farquhar (3rd) and Gary Johnson (8th).

The EMX-07 can drive up to 4 separate coils so it can be used for classic bikes and also more modern engines such as the cross plane crank Yamaha R1.

It is available in slimline version with remote connectors or the original version with multi-pin main connector fitted.  Contact us for further details.

New EMX-08 single channel ignition ECU

The EMX-08 single channel ignition has been developed for simple single cylinder engine applications.

It is small and fits into an off the shelf case.  Can drive a single or double ended inductive 12V coil.

Can use Hall Effect or Magnetic tooth crank sensor input (non slug types).  Can output a digital tacho pulse. Fully compatible with the Infinity mapping software. Available Q4 2015.